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Create a Test is a new solution for tackling assessment for learning in mathematics for all levels of education.

This web application allows users to easily create bespoke maths test papers in an environment created by teachers, for teachers.

Key Features

  • Create professional maths papers in seconds
  • Share papers and questions with other teachers and schools
  • Supports formative and summative assessment
  • School license provides unique logins for all teachers
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Create a Test has been developed for both Maths Tutors and Tutoring firms.

This web application allows users to easily create bespoke maths test papers, making Create a Test the ideal partner for all mathematics Tutors.

Key Features

  • Build tests targeted at your student's level
  • Create in-session tests and between session homework in seconds
  • Professional look and feel improves your standing with clients
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Create a Test contains more questions daily
Topic mapping Every question is mapped to topics and exam boards
Test result grade boundary Questions are levelled so grade boundaries are provided for papers

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Watch Susan discover the benefits of Create a Test.

Susan is just your average (actually fantastic) school teacher and wants the best products available to help her achieve this.

We have been using the site for about a year now and have been very pleased with it. Quick and easy to use and it has lots of questions – creating assessments now takes minutes rather than days!

— Mr Peterson, London

As Key Stage 3 Coordinator I’ve been using site to create our end of term tests. We had been using Word documents so it has been great to have all our test papers in one place where we can edit them easily.

— Ms Kingsley, Birmingham

End of year

10 July 2015

As the end of the year approaches and assessments are being completed, it’s important to think about how you’re grading your students, especially in light of the new numbered grades. So how will you assess your students next year? Year 11 shouldn’t be a problem, they’ll be receiving grades as per usual, and I think it would be counter-productive to change things for them. It’s not ideal from a logistical point of view, to have different year groups assessed differently, but I think the extra ha...

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