Welcome back 2017

24 September 2017
Welcome back 2017

Welcome back! We hope you haven't started counting down to next summer already

A few pieces of news for you this September:


1. Multiple Choice Questions have arrived

Multiple choice question papers are here. Many of our teachers have spent the summer adding KS3/ GCSE multiple choice questions and we can see there are schools using Create a Test not just for worksheets and exam papers but already creating multiple choice tests too! Excellent 


2. Computer Science is here

Welcome our new arrival the Create a Test family - 'Computer Science!'. If you are a maths or physics teacher who also teaches Computer Science then you will be happy to have the Create a Test system expanding to into this quickly expanding area of teaching 


3. The New Paper Builder is now available

Over the last few months we been busy redeveloping our paper builder. What this means for you: 

  •    Faster searching for questions 
  •    Faster paper loading / building on all browsers 
  •    Improved usability of the layout on all browsers
  •    Multiple choice questions integration


4. We have made some Site Security enhancements 

Create a Test has invested in new hardware and security systems this summer which means we can move from over 99.5% up time to over 99.9% up time. Ok it is only 0.4% but it does matter to us (i mean sometimes we are slightly geeky about this stuff) and hopefully it matters to you too! 


All the best,

The Create a Test team

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