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Create unlimited questions
Maximum 20 questions per paper
Access 3 latest Community shared papers
Access to free questions
Limited access to assessment features
Limited access to previously created papers
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Create unlimited questions
Create unlimited papers
Up to 50 questions per paper
Access all Community shared papers
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Bespoke Account

We also offer a range of custom solutions for schools in the UK; including assessment management services, software solution development and support in assessment cycles.


Yearly Licence Cost

Standard Premium
Primary Mathematics Free £99
KS3/GCSE Mathematics Free £350
KS3/GCSE Computer Science Free £199
KS3/GCSE Physics Free £149
A Level Mathematics Free £250

Discounts available for multiple licence purchases



Build professional test papers

Within a few seconds you will be constructing Primary, KS3/GCSE or A Level test papers with Create A Test. Replicate the appearance of current exam or test papers. Easily add formula sheets and front pages to your paper. Choose to include answers and working out sheets with the papers you create.

Create unit tests, topic tests, end of term tests, mock exams and much more. All questions are linked to the new national curriculum and exam board specifications.

Build papers that are customised to your school’s scheme of work, or use papers created by our huge community of Maths teachers.

Share papers and questions with other teachers and schools

Create a Test is a community. That community starts within your school and using Create a Test makes it effortless to share the great papers you create with your department. That community extends past your school as all teachers using Create a Test can choose to share their papers with other schools too.

When using our “create a question” function you can choose to share the great questions you are creating. Our community of super users will then check the questions and approve them for use by all teachers.

We aim to be the best tool for formative and summative assessment

Create a Test is a great tool to build targeted papers that will allow you to truly assess and support the pupils within your class.

With one click of a mouse create:

  • Targeted papers containing all the questions an individual pupil struggles with
  • Targeted paper containing questions targeting the weaknesses of an entire class

Multiple teacher use

Each teacher within your school can have their own login. Creating teacher accounts within your main account also allows pupils and groups to be allocated to a teacher.

Create a question

If you have a question you wish to create that does not exist then do so quickly using our new Create A Question function. Add images, tables, equations (using LaTex), space for working out and much more. You can also alter our questions to make them yor own, why not add your pupils' name into the questions?!

Special educational needs

With Create A Test you have the option to use different fonts, such as Comic Sans to help readability, and larger font sizes for users with visual impairments.

You can also choose between A3, A4 and A5 PDF output for added flexibility.

Easy to use

Create a Test has been developed with teachers in mind.

The site design to be an intuitive product to use. From the dashboard user interface quickly edit your created papers, see pupils and group’s progress, access tutorials or create new papers.



Build tests targeted at your student's level

Create a Test allows you to create bespoke papers tailored to the needs of your tutee - you can easily find the questions and papers that match their specific objectives.

Over time, Create a Test can build up data on your tutee’s performance, allow for the one click creation of:

  • Tailored papers containing all the topics they struggle with
  • Summaries of tutee performance against a Maths syllabus

Create in-session tests and between-session homework in seconds

The tests you create can be used both for your tutoring sessions or for a little extra homework.

The most effective way to prepare for an exam is by doing multiple practice exam papers.

Professional look and feel improves your standing with clients

All our papers are automatically assembled to a professional standard, with a formal cover page and exam-style question structure.

All papers can be titled with an individual tutee’s name, increasing the professionalism of your offering and building your relationship with the tutee and their family.

Sample tests can also be used to secure new clients.

Easy to use

This system was designed and developed with you in mind. Within a few clicks you will be ready to create as many unique test papers as you need.

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