April news 2014

2 May 2014
Easter holidays are coming to an end and we are truly now in the build up to summer exams. Between our super users and users we are now at well over 1000 extra questions and variations added since the beginning of this year. So thank you all and keep it up! In other developments....

Multiple teacher accounts
Using the newly updated "Manager Account" now add multiple teachers to the website. Let each teacher have a login they simply wont forget.

Super User section
Our super users now have a new section allowing them to approve shared questions and discuss question and site developments. For all users please ask make requests for new features using cat@createatest.co.uk

Latest site news
Keep more up to date then ever before with developments using the "Latest Site News section". See the changes going on on the website, our blog and twitter account now all in one place while logged into Create A Test 

Bug fixes
I think we squashed a few this month. Find a bug send us a screenshot or pdf and we will extend your licence for you (and solve it of course!) Contact the team at: cat@createatest.co.uk

Happy test creation,
Create A Test Team
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