August 2012 News

29 August 2012
Big changes to the design of the school account
We have been working hard to update the look and usability of the school account during the summer holidays. We have taken on board your suggestions and added a few of our own ideas into the mix to create what we think is a big enhancement to this part of the site.

The changes will be uploaded shortly and include:
  • New Tab user interface to help improve usability for creating a paper and managing paper questions
  • A change to the way we create pdf maths papers. This has enhanced the quality of paper and allows users with slower internet speeds to benefit from quicker loading times.
  • Paper size selection. One of the biggest requests we have had is to print maths papers in different sizes. This feature will be soon live and you can now choose from A3, A4 and A5 print sizes
  • Adapting tests for those with learning difficulties. Another feature you will find in new version of school account is having options to pick different font types like comic sans to help users with learning difficulties and change text sizes
  • And finally, ever wanted to preview the maths paper before you print it off, well you can now

For both accounts: New question of the week!
From October we will be testing a new “question of the week” feature. Every week we will decide which new question we think is the new question of the week and will let you know about it via twitter.  Hopefully this will allow those who are interested to find out what questions are currently in development. We thank users for their past input on questions and we hope to continue to build questions around our users needs.

The Maths Blog is back
September means the return of the none news Create A Test blog. We look forward to writing once again about interesting education and mathematics news as well as sharing knowledge about the parts of mathematics we just find interesting.
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