Blog Create A Test June 2012

27 June 2012

Create A Test News
Exam time is coming to an end and we hope you are looking forward to the summer.  The holidays are a good time for teachers to get organised, and for pupils and teachers to rest for the year ahead. We hope you have found Create A Test useful this last year, and improvements will continue over the coming academic year.

Automatic mark sheets in the School Account
We have had users testing the new mark sheet feature and the feedback so far has been very good. This was developed following a suggestion from one of our current users and we are happy to see it producing such positive feedback. This feature allows you to very quickly create a spreadsheet that can record your pupil’s scores in each test.

Parent and Individual Accounts new target grade settings
We are currently testing a new way for you to set up parent or individual accounts. For those pupils nearing a GCSE or IGCSE exams this will allow instant access to questions at your targeted grade. We are currently implementing this new feature and you should expect to see it appearing shortly. We know that current set up options are popular and will not remove them but will offer this as an alternative set up option to other users who wish to use it.

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