Does Homer Simpson think Maths is important?

12 January 2011

Why do we keep hearing acronyms like STEM subjects? Why are the Maths results for a school so important in how it is ranked? Why is the government cutting university spending on Maths and other key subjects by a fraction of the cuts to film studies?

Here are a few suggested answers:

  • Jobs (getting a well paid job or just a job full stop!)
  • It is the queen of the sciences and helps us in so many other subjects from Physics and Medicine to Computer Science and Economics
  • So you can manage your personal finances

Please feel free to add your own reasons here….

Homer might say (or rather I might suggest to him):

  • Well your car wouldn’t work
  • Your new HD TV (ok any TV wouldn’t exist)
  • You definitely wouldn’t have a job at a nuclear power station
  • Forget your new iPhone
  • Forget the internet (and Homers once successful internet business)

Please feel free to add any other modern luxury that Homer would miss here…

It is strange that one subject can have such a Marmite affect on people. As a Maths teacher at a party it is probably best you don’t mention your job as during the night people will tell you “I never got Maths” or “Maths wasn’t my subject”. However I’m happy to report even most people who don’t ‘get’ maths still think it are important!

So does Homer Simpson think Maths is important? Well yes, but if I see him at the local I am sure he will tell me ‘I didn’t get it though…’


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