February News

24 February 2014
February has been another very busy month here at Create A Test and we have some news. Firstly a big thank you to Mossbourne Community Academy, a school described by David Cameron as "one of the most impressive schools I've ever visited in any country anywhere in the world". An excellent achievement and we are very happy to announce they have decided to create their Maths assessments using Create A Test and also to endorse the product.

So as usual here is a quick update of the changes that have taken place this month:

Super User questions created by teachers

Within a very short period of time 100s and 100s of Super User questions have been added to the site. As a site designed by teachers for teachers we are very happy to present so many questions so quickly from some of the country's top Maths teachers.  

Other changes you will see this month (yes it is a long list..)
  • Question search has been further improved on the question bank.
  • Latex now works better with a wider range of browsers so for all those with outdated or unusual browsers hopefully your experience will improve
  • Big improvement in how maths looks on the paper. We listened to Steve Jobs and have really worked on how characters look.
  • Now easily identify regenerating, super user and your own question with colour coding in the question bank
  • New grading next to questions. In the admin section choose if you want to see grades, levels or grades and levels next to the questions
  • Improved paper layout setup. Not only does it look better but we have also added a create booklet feature

Bug fixes

We are sorry to announce some users have found a bug this month mainly due to browser issues. Don't worry it wasn't a horse fly or goliath beetle but it still made their papers format incorrectly. If this has been a problem you have faced it should now be resolved but please do let us know quickly if you are still facing problems so we can get this solved rapidly. Find a bug send us a screenshot or pdf and we will extend your licence for you (and solve it of course!) Contact the team at: cat@createatest.co.uk

Finally the things you should watch out for this month...

The biggest changes you will notice include:
·    New filing structure so you can sort your papers nice and neatly
·    Yes even more questions
·    More functions added to the latex builder

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