January 2015 News

30 January 2015

Christmas now seems like a long time ago and we thought we would update you on the most recent enhancements on Create a Test. We are very very very (yes 3 verys) excited to announce the new question builder coming in February, but first recent changes.


Recent changes

As you have no doubt noticed we are continuing to change the website from our old non-adaptive format the new format allowing Create a Test to be usedmore easily on your iPads and other tablets. During this period we will be testing Create a Test extensively but please still let us know if you are experiencing problems.


Changes coming soon! Question builder v4!

The biggest new change coming next month is our question builder. It is now finished and we are testing it before uploading over the next few weeks. There will be a few key big benefits:


1.   For those teaching IGCSE mathematics paper B you will now be able to create questions in the format you are accustomed to on the paper

2.   For GCSE and IGCSE you can now produce multiple page questions

3.   …and coming very soon A Level style questions!!


Please provide your thoughts on these changes and others needed to info@createatest.co.uk


Create a Test Team

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