May News 2013

20 May 2013
Create A Test biggest update since launch has now been live for a month and we have enjoyed receiving your feedback about the changes.

School account updates
There are several changes we are making around the Pupil&Group accounts section. We have improved the pupil and group account with the introduction of two versions of this section. The two sections are:

  • Group accounts - this allows schools to create class and group papers as you always have. Give pupils the chance to do extra papers at home or to complete a paper as part of their homework.
  • Individual group accounts - here pupils get an individual account. Pupils can do both papers you set them and papers they choose to create themselves. An added benefit of this account is that pupils can mark the papers that you set them.

School account features on the horizon
There are several changes we are making around the Pupil&Group accounts section:

  • Schools will be allocated new free pupil accounts dependent on their schools current subscription.
  • PDFs explaining  "How to get started" will be added to both "Group accounts" and "Individual group accounts"
  • Tutorials will be added explaining how to use this new edited and up to date section.

Bug fixes
We are always looking to tweak Create A Test to give everyone a better experience. Our recent bug fixes include:

  • Improved questions paper layout throughout when conversion to PDF (for both school and individual accounts)
  • Style changes for those accessing Create A Test via a Mac
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