Merry Christmas from Create A Test: New Features on Create A Test

22 December 2011
Christmas day is nearly here and here at Create A Test we have been working hard to bring new features and enhancements to the different accounts we provide at Create A Test.

Updated individual and parent accounts now live

Log in and find a completely revamped user interface. We are very thankful to all those who have given createatest feedback over the past three months as we have updated the individual and parent accounts. As users know these accounts have changed dramatically based on this feedback and we hope you enjoy experiencing these modifications. However modifications will be ongoing and please do pass on any feedback that you have.

Improved functionallity in School Accounts

We have added two very handy features we really think you are going to like.

1) It is now easier than ever to create new papers with the copy papers function. Just click the copy paper button and you can have a new paper ready to go in seconds

2) Sharing papers between schools. We have added the ability for schools to choose to share individual papers with other schools. You can also use the papers that other schools have created and create copies of these papers for your own customisation

New features coming very shortly:
-A new marking system for papers completed in the individual and parent accounts
-A new set of tutorials to reflect the changes to the website

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