April News 2015

30 April 2015

This month we took another big step in updating and enhancing Create a Test. We are still on track for A level and primary school launches by the end of this school year, and will be giving the whole site a major face-lift.


Recent changes

Logging into Create a Test this month you will notice our new paper list and shared paper section. Key changes to notice:

  • Quick view - we love this quick way to remind ourselves what is on the paper

  • Summary - is this paper appropriate for my set? The summary section will help you decide

  • Shared papers search and filtering - it is now a lot easier to access some of the fantastic papers created by your fellow users

  • Obviously how snazzy the paper list now looks!!

As always please feel free to let us know what you think at cat@createatest.co.uk


Changes coming soon!

The next section we will be tackling is the marking and assessment sections! This is a big one and expect to see significant changes ahead!


Bug fix!

Automatic updates to IE and Firefox have caused some of our users (and the internet community) big problems this month as it introduced big bugs into the site which included :

  • view paper not loading for some users

  • papers loading but questions overlapping


We hope these issues have all now been fully addressed. If you notice any further issues please let us know at cat@createatest.co.uk


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