News and Changes March 2014

31 March 2014
Super User questions regenerate
We know how much some of you like being able to quickly regenerate a full paper and get a different copy of the same paper. Now super user questions and your own variations of the questions work in exactly the same way.  

Grade boundaries
One of our most requested features of all time is now live! We have spent a lot of time (and done a lot of maths) to bring you automated grade boundaries for papers. Now have your class complete a paper, work out their score and quickly convert it to a grade.   

New three step process in paper creation 
Select questions -> Set Paper Details -> Download Your Paper

New tabbed system in "view paper"/Download paper section
New tabbed system introduced when you view your papers. We thought the page was slightly cluttered so find our new updated layout now uploaded

News in the dashboard
Using the new dashboard box discover here some of the recent changes and additions to the website
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