News January 2016

30 January 2016

We are almost at the end of January and are now fully back into the swing of the new term. Half term is coming soon, right?!

This January we have seen a huge upsurge in the number of questions being created and shared. Super Users are now working their way through the questions to validate quality, answers and grading, after which they'll be shared with the rest of the community for everyone to use.  

The A Level module M2 is now in our curriculum and questions are beginning to enter the question bank. Over the next few weeks this bank will be filled, meaning we now have 8 A Level modules, with more on the way. Tell your KS5 coordinator!

Finally, we hope those teaching GCSE are enjoying the new 1 - 9 grading system. We're aware that the grading of questions under the new system is an inexact science, so please do let us know if you think a question is incorrectly graded.


So, what's next for the developers and Super Users here at CAT? Well, we're currently working on new mark schemes for the entire question bank! Thanks go to the five schools who suggested this, we aim to add every feature you ask for, as they all improve the product and make it even more useful for the community. Keep suggesting ideas please! 

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