October 2012 News

31 October 2012
With two months of the year already gone teachers hopefully know all of their pupils names, and students are turning up to the correct classrooms. Some schools are already preparing for Christmas and January exams while all teachers are assessing pupils learning with end of unit tests. Whatever you use Create A Test for, we are here to help.

School account updates
The school updates have now been live for a while and we hope that you like the changes. Thank you for those giving feedback on the new system, we are always really interested to hear what you think, so that we can ensure that the site works for you. Please contact us via email cat@createatest.co.uk

Individual and parent accounts
Whether or not you have exams coming up in January, there is never a bad time to continue revising your skills. Consider doing just one paper a week to help build confidence in your mathematics. We are still looking for recommendations from users for enhancements to the individual and parent accounts so please email us if you have any input.

Question of the week
We hope you have been enjoying the new question of the week tweet. If you are a twitter user follow us @createatest

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