October 2014

2 November 2014

Thank you to everyone for your feedback this October. We have been busy listening to your recommendations, acting on your suggestions and fixing bugs. We hope you are enjoying the changes we have made based on your feedback.


Changes made this month

We have made many changes based on your feedback. Here are a few:

  • Pupils can now be uploaded using excel. We really do thank our users for giving such detailed feedback on this feature, allowing us to get it to where it is so quickly. Please try it out, it makes life a lot easier!

  • The teacher page has now been moved to the main menu bar facilitating easier allocation of groups to teachers.

  • Many bugs squashed including papers correctly adding to groups on the assessment page

Please provide your thoughts on these changes and others needed to info@createatest.co.uk


Changes coming soon!!

Here is just a sample of the changes we are working on:

  1. Allocating your built questions to a syllabus so the questions can be used in the assessment system. Our superusers will be able to allocate your questions if you prefer

  2. Changes to creation of variations in questions builder to increase compatibility across browsers


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