Osmosis, meditation and hypnosis: What is the best way to revise?

20 April 2011

Osmosis, meditation and hypnosis: What is the best way to revise?

Revision time is an important part of the year for budding mathematicians (as well as budding historians, physicists and students of any other discipline). Pupils all over the world are now working towards exams that often take place in the early summer. GCSE and IGCSE exams are sat in the many countries across the world as well as in the UK. Schools in Hong Kong, Switzerland, the UAE, Brazil and Cyprus (just to name a few) will be joining those in the UK getting ready for exams. The question I want to look at today is how these pupils should revise for their exams.

There are many books and web pages (not mention advice from teachers and parents) on how to revise for exams. But who should you listen to? Is it a case of too much advice rather than too little? We will try and keep it simple…

Here is what we think you should do when revising for maths exams:


  • Do lots of practice papers
  • Make sure that you mark these papers (it is much more productive to spend time marking the papers you are doing than just keeping completing more)
  • Go back and do questions you didn’t do so well at in the past

With Create A Test we have automated this process and encourage users to both go back and do questions (by making questions you don’t do well at reappear) but also getting the user to mark the papers they are completing.

However this 3 step process can be applied whether you are using Create A Test or not. However I wouldn’t recommend osmosis, meditation and hypnosis but if you have any success with any of these do let us know.

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