Primary schools join the Create A Test community

10 November 2015

It has taken many months and countless hours of planning, but I am delighted to announce that the Primary school section of CreateATest is now fully active! Primary schools throughout the country have approached us at a loss as to how to create assessments and use the data to monitor progress. Since the stumbling abolition of levels by the powers that be, there has been a level shaped hole in Primary assessment which people seem at a loss as to how to fill.

Here’s how! CAT Primary (already!!) has over 3000 questions, categorised and ready to be put into assessments that are tailored to your students’ needs. We have left levels in for now as we know that you feel confident using them and see no need to get rid of them yet. The questions cover all of the curriculum and allow you to accurately assess your students’ abilities. You can create papers in seconds that output in professional pdf format and are suitable for in-class assessments, homework or extension work.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to create your own questions in no time at all. Simply add in the text, equations, tables and images and the question will be stored forever. Particularly handy if you want to create bespoke extension questions, or simply to put students’ names or the school’s name into questions – the kids will love it!

One of the major benefits of using CAT to assess your students is the diagnostic marking feature. Set your students a test, mark it and upload the data, and CAT will store the information on your students’ progress, giving you the option to output areas for improvement and more. Tracking what your students can and can’t do will be vital when it comes to new assessment systems. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll need to track their abilities and this is the ideal method.

Finally, you’ll have access to the CAT community. You can use any paper or question (once it’s been checked by our superusers) created by other users, saving you even more time.

So, quickly create extension worksheets, create better in-class assessments, track your students’ progress, make your own questions and share resources with our community. What’s not to like?!

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