Welcome back

5 September 2014

Welcome back from the summer holidays! We have been working hard over the past couple of months to implement your suggestions and make Create a Test an even better product. 

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who filled in our survey. The winner of our £20 Amazon voucher is Mr Hickin at St Mary's High

Our  three key findings from our survey were:

  1. Create a Test subscriber schools use the 5 major maths GCSE & IGCSE exam boards and want questions specifically suitable to their exam board
  2. People want new features, new questions, updated questions, tutorials and easier ways to record pupils' marks
  3. A number of schools are considering leaving the EDEXCEL GCSE syllabus in the near future

Changes this summer

We have made numerous changes this summer - three highlights are:

  1. Marking and assessment have been re-designed
  2. Website usability has been enhanced
  3. We have increased the number of questions, continued to improve their quality as well as made changes to match the current syllabus'   

Finally, as have made so many changes we would like to offer current users the opportunity of a refresher product demo. Please feel free to contact phil.craig@createatest.co.uk to arrange an appropriate time.

Kind Regards,

Create a Test Team

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