Worldcup maths questions

16 June 2014
Here are some World Cup themed questions to keep your classes entertained in the sunshine.

  1. Estimate the total number of goals that will be scored in the tournament. Justify your answer!
  2. If there are 64 teams in a knockout tournament and they play in rounds, the teams picked at random. If there are odd number of teams in a round, one team gets a bye. How many matches must be played before a winner is decided? Can you give a logical reason for this result?
  3. There are 11 players in the England side, 11 players in the Brazil side and one referee for the final of the World Cup. What is the probability that there is a shared birthday between the people on the pitch?
  4. If England have a 50:50 chance of scoring a penalty and Germany have a 90% chance of scoring a penalty, what is the probability that England win a penalty shoot out against Germany?
  5. Christiano Ronaldo runs at 10m/s, John Terry runs at 1m/s. If Ronaldo is 100m behind Terry, by the time he's reached the point where Terry used to be, Terry has moved on 10m. By the time Ronaldo has reached the new point where Terry was, Terry has moved on another metre. Every time Ronaldo gets to where Terry used to be, Terry has moved on and is no longer there. Therefore Ronaldo can never catch Terry. Can you disprove this?
  6. A football pitch is 110m long and the goal posts are 2.5m high. Calculate the speed and angle of elevation required to hit the crossbar at the other end of the pitch with a goal kick

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