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15 April 2012
April 2012 Create A Test News.
Easter is over and hopefully everyone enjoyed the two weeks away from school. Now though it is time to get back to the final term and there is a lot of build up towards exams so hopefully you are using Create A Test to help you in this build up. We are working hard to help you as a teacher, pupil or tutor in this process.

Further Development in School Account
Now you can lock and secure papers you have created in a way that doesn’t remove the departmental sharing functionality. When creating a new paper notice that you can now choose to lock the paper. If you have already created a paper you want to lock you can edit the paper and lock it. We have had very positive feedback from people testing the feature and don’t forget you can create a copy of your (or someone else’s) paper if you want to make edits but keep the original. 

Improved algorithm for the Parent and Individual Accounts
As you will already know the parent, tutor and individual accounts are very different from the school accounts. Instead of you having to build the papers we do it for you. Just as before the more papers you create the better we get at providing papers just to fit your needs. We have developed the algorithm even further to ensure that you get the paper which is right for you.

Share ideas about how we can get you to share papers
As you know we very recently added a function that allows schools to share the papers they have created. We don’t expect that schools will want to share all their papers but if you have some papers that you think you can share then please do so. This month we are looking for suggestions about how to encourage the use of this new function.

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