Maths a universal language

28 March 2012
If you travel between countries and are not able to speak in another language other than English you can have problems. This is less of a problem today than it was in the past as English has become the lingua franca of the world.
What is the lingua franca of maths? How do mathematicians communicate? Is German Maths any different to English or French Maths?
Maths is universal language and a mathematician, scientist or engineer will all use the same mathematics language to communicate ideas and theories. Having one of an item or two of an item is the same in any language. This is true for more complicated mathematics and though a student may be sitting a GCSE exam, IB exam, SAT’s exam etc they still learn the same mathematical theories and methods as others in the world. So just remember as you are trying to learn or teach ratios for an up and coming test, there is someone sat in the Brazil, Switzerland, China, France etc who you might struggle to speak to but they'll at least be doing the same Maths as you are. 
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