Christmas News 2012

10 December 2012
Christmas approaches. A warm welcome to the schools joining Create A Test in the build up to this holiday season. 

School account updates
We already know that many of you love leaving papers online for pupils. The opportunity to set papers that pupils can either do as homework or use for revision is something we wish to enhance and build on.
Coming shortly we are creating an account in which a teacher can set individual tests for every pupil. All you’ll have to do is set the correct level and away they go. As pupils complete tests information is displayed to their teachers of the progress they are making, in addition tests adapt to offer pupils a more appropriate test the more papers they complete. This is the perfect way for pupils to get an individual learning experience and for teachers to get more precise information on individual pupil progress.  

Individual and parent accounts
Enhancements have been made to the information that is displayed in these two accounts. Thank you for people’s feedback about these accounts we hope you will enjoy some of the implemented changes.

Question of the week
Our Question of the Week tweet feature has now been running for several months. If you are a twitter user follow us @createatest

Create A Test blog
Click here to read our latest blog “Why does a negative multiplied by a negative equal a positive?” Blog contributions from Mathematics teacher are welcome please contact us at

Bug fixes
We are always looking to tweak Create A Test to give everyone a better experience. Our recent bug fixes include:
  •     Modification to paper creation to remove blank pages
  •     Working and answer radial box fixed in several browsers
  •     Better storage for created papers in the parent and individual account (for quicker loading)

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