key ingredients to make education better

3 January 2013
Some of the Create A Test team went to the “End of the World” show at the Hammersmith Apollo this Christmas. Great mathematicians and scientists such as Simon Singh, Marcus du Sautoy and Brian Cox (among others) presented with non-mathematicians and scientists including Hugh Grant, Robin Ince, Steve Coogan and DReam to create a night everyone could enjoy. Making mathematics enjoyable and entertaining is one key ingredient in enhancing pupils experience of the subject. This got us thinking what are the key ingredients to make education better for teachers and for pupils this New Year?

We came up with four:
1.    Make Subjects Entertaining and Relevant
2.    Technology for Personalised Learning
3.    Stronger Teacher Collaboration
4.    Excellent and Enthusiastic Teachers

Make Subjects Entertaining and Relevant
Star speakers such as Marcus Du Sautoy have made maths videos that really bring the subject life. Videos and outside presenters really give pupils a different experience and if you can have maths lessons conducted by the best mathematicians or key users of maths like a Rolls Royce engineer or an asset manager you can really add to a pupil’s experience of the subject. Making the maths interesting is important but pupils need to be given the opportunity to be tested at their own level.

Technology for Personalised Learning
Technology has really given the possibility for each pupil to have a personalised experience. Pupils are all individuals and we need to treat them as such in education. Adaptive testing is really one tool we have to do this. Let’s learn from how our pupils are doing and stop them having to make the same mistakes over and over again. We are bringing an adaptive testing account for schools in the New Year and with your collaboration we’ll create a product that is useful for everyone.

Stronger Teacher Collaboration
Teachers need to work together and share ideas and resources. Collaboration has been key to the success of Create A Test. Making collaboration work means giving people the incentives to contribute and this is something we will be working on at Create A Test. But collaboration means simple things at times, sharing and talking about that lesson you did the pupils just really enjoyed. 

Excellent and Enthusiastic Teachers
From our experience this already exists but really is key! Teaching is not an easy profession at times, technology and adaptive testing, collaboration and key speakers are not enough without the final (and most important ingredient) the enthusiastic teacher!  

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