Create A Test February News

15 February 2012
Create A Test News

As you may already have noticed, here at Create A Test we have been working hard to bring new features and enhancements to the different accounts we provide. Here's a couple of things we've improved for you.

Enhanced marking system

A new marking system for papers completed in the individual and parent accounts is now live. You can choose to mark your papers more quickly by selecting correct or incorrect options, as well as being able to specify method marks.

Developing the question bank

We are continuing to improve our questions based on your feedback. Not only are we adding more questions, but we're also improving the current questions to ensure you have all of the resources you require.

New features coming in the near future

We are also starting to develop the Create A Test mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. We still believe the best way to help children enhance their understanding of Mathematics is through good teaching, an enjoyment of the subject and effective revision. As always we would like to hear your opinion. How can mobile and tablet apps help pupils to progress in their mathematics? Watch out for news of us Beta testing the Create A Test app in the near future, and let us know if you would be interested in becoming part of our test group.

We are also developing a new set of tutorials to reflect the changes to the website. We hope that these tutorials assist you when learning to use the site, and understanding the new features. We will let you know once these changes have been developed.

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