Ofqual tightens up mathematics GCSE exam and some of our exam experiences

28 February 2012
Ofqual tightens up mathematics GCSE exam
Ofqual wants to tighten up GCSE mathematics so that students study the whole curriculum rather than a subset of the curriculum. It is important that students are not just taught to the test or told they only need to know a portion of the exam and syllabus. It is essential that pupils get a rounded view of every subject and the testing process is an important part of this. Testing is very important to the process of assessing what pupils and students know and what they need to work on.

One of the biggest benefits of having exams and tests is often overlooked.  Many pupils and individuals can be greatly motivated by an up and coming exam and it would be nice if this was true for everyone. We need to find ways to embed within pupils in our schools that exams can be a great opportunity for them to show what they know.

As always we would be happy to hear your opinions of the best ways to motivate pupils as exams and tests approach? Do you remember what motivated you to do well and work hard for exams?

Personal experiences from the Create A Test team
“For important exams I was somehow made to think they were an enjoyable experience from early on. Before every big exam I would get a bottle of water, a bar of Cadburys chocolate and a try your best. Amazingly even during both of my degrees after leaving home and other examinations I still took a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate. It is teachers and parents who shape children’s views and attitudes to exams”

“I was only happy when exams where over and done. During all of my educational career I knew that exams were very important and in many ways I wish I had better material to revise with. However Though it might of helped me do better I am not sure that it would have helped me enjoy the exam process.”

“Indifference really. I don’t think I really thought about my exams as much as I should have done. I did revise and did do well but never thought too hard about exams and how important they could be. Exams are a small part of your school experience and you can just hope your hard work pays off.”
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