December News

27 December 2013
Merry Christmas (or Newton's birthday) from the Create A Test team. Over this Christmas break we do hope you are having a well earned rest! Here is what we are working on over this holiday period...

Sharing teacher built questions
From early January you will be able to access questions created by teachers using the question builder. We have been testing and developing the best way to effectively share questions built by users. We have decided that from January we will share questions from a few "super user schools". We believe sharing super user questions will have the following benefits:
  • this should allow us to ensure the shared questions are of a quality that makes them instantly usable without you having to QC every questions you add
  • stop the mass production of duplicated shared questions
  • allow our very active users to become more actively involved in the products development
If you have an interest in becoming a super user and sharing the great questions you are creating please contact

Other changes in the school account
You will now notice that all of your created questions will now have a reference code. This should allow for more effective communication with the Create A Test team when you want to discuss a question you have created. It will also help in our development of the question bank going forward.

Changes to the layout of the topics within the question bank are beginning to take place based on your feedback. This change is also being driven by our expanding selection of questions and the introduction of the updated question builder this year.

New Tutor Account now live!
As many of you already know the tutor account is now live! We believe the tutor account now captures some of the loved features from the school account and allows tutors to more effectively create and manage their tutee accounts. If this account could be of interest to you please contact us for further details.  

Happy test creation.
Create A Test Team
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