January 2014

29 January 2014
A big welcome to the new schools and individuals joining us this January. It seems January is the time for test creation and we are happy to see both new and returning faces in the new year.

Sharing teacher built "Super User" questions
Super User questions have now been up and running for a few weeks and we are happy to see schools already using these questions on your papers. Expect to see many more questions flowing onto the site over the next few months as our super user schools continue to add questions

Question bank developments
We have been quick to upgrade the question bank so that you can get optimal use of the continuously growing question set. Things you will notice:
  • You can now search through all question types easily
  • Question bank loading times are now much much faster...
  • Page formatting enhancements have been made
Question builder enhancements
As users favorite development last year we continue to enhance this feature for all. Notice the following enhancements this month:
  • Not found the exact question you want for a paper? Now quickly build and automatically have the question added to your paper
  • A new tab is no longer required for the question builder improving work flow
  • Question creation is even quicker, now continue building your question without returning to the question overview page
New Tutor Account
To our new tutors that have signed up feedback on your thoughts of this new section would be appreciated. Please email them to info@createatest.co.uk

Finally the things you should watch out for this month...
The biggest changes you will notice include:
  • We are introducing sub-topics to help you find the questions you want
  • The questions will be moved into these sub-topics quickly over one weekend to ensure minimal disruption
Happy test creation,
Create A Test Team
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