End of Summer 2013

7 September 2013
We hope you have had a fantastic summer break. We are all starting back now and are looking forward to starting the new year (ok so the holidays did go a little quick as always).

We are very excited to tell you we spent the summer working hard to take the create a question function ,introduced at the end of last year, to a whole level. We hope you are ready....

Create A Question
You will see a completely changed user interface within Create A Question very soon. There are many enhancements you will instantly notice in using the new Create A Question but the big three are:
  • Improved user interface. It should now be easier to manipulate created questions
  • Add pictures into your questions (heavily requested and finally delivered)
  • Increased array of maths functions at your disposal. Easily design and build complicated mathematical formula

School account - 100 free individual pupil accounts
if you haven't already don't forget to try the free accounts you have been provided to give to pupils. Remember with these accounts pupils can:
  • Create papers teachers have allocated to their class. Ok so they could do this before but now they can mark these papers online and teachers can monitor both individual and class progress!
  • Create their own papers with questions selected to match ability, learning needs and target grades. This really is taking personalised learning to a new level.
PDF refinement
With our new pdf creator we hope you will enjoy improved formatting and layout in the papers you create in the browser you prefer to use!

Create A Test Team
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