June News

28 June 2013
The year is coming to an end and we only have a few more weeks before the summer holidays begin. 

School account now has 100 free! individual pupil accounts
We have allocated every school these free accounts so pupils and teachers can benefit from adaptive papers in their learning and teaching. Teachers can create these individual pupils accounts and within an individual pupil account pupils can:
  • Create papers teachers have allocated to their class. They can mark these papers online and teachers can monitor progress
  • Create their own papers with questions selected to match ability, learning needs and target grades

School account features on the horizon
We are working hard to enhance the create a questions function. We will be working over the summer to add more maths functions and to allow you to add in your own images more easily.  

Question of the week
We can see many of you working away creating your own questions but if you would like to see what questions we have been working on follow us @createatest
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