Exams coming soon

17 May 2016
Exams coming soon

Exams are coming very soon now, so it’s time for that final push to help your students as much as you can. This is where Create a Test can help you out, but how can you use it?

  1. Create personalised revision packs for your students. You can select the topics and questions so quickly that it’s feasible to create a different pack for each student.
  2. Use our target paper feature. If you upload your students’ marks from one paper, our system will analyse their strengths and weaknesses and automatically output papers that test them on their areas of weakness
  3. Create ‘borderline papers’. Since all of our questions are graded, it’s incredibly easy to create papers for students who are on the C/D borderline, or on the A/A* borderline.
  4. Once the first paper is done, we’ll produce a ‘best guess’ paper of questions that we predict will be on the calculator paper. Sign up to the site and we’ll give it to you for free!
  5. Personalise the questions! These students must be sick of past papers by now, why not create a paper with their names in every question? It can only be a good thing, and takes minutes since you can edit our questions and change a name in seconds
  6. Use papers created by our fantastic users, who have shared thousands of papers which you’re more than welcome to use. Save yourself time by downloading the papers that others have taken the time to create


Hopefully you’ll all be able to use at least one of these, and don’t forget you can sign up to the site completely free and access all of our questions and shared papers. We’d like to wish you and your students all the best over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy those final few revision sessions and let us know what you’re doing with your classes @createatest

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