School account re-invented

28 April 2013

The really big changes you will notice with Create A Test:
  • New Home Dashboard and improved usability throughout the site
  • Create your own questions!
  • Improved question bank with search feature added

Improvements you will really appreciate:  
  • New functionality to compress maths questions to remove white space (for those thinking of those printing bills!)
  • Improved tooltips to help you use the site
  • New tutorials to help get you started with Create A Test (more coming in the following weeks)
  • Quick Tests available to build a brand new paper in seconds
  • Dynamic questions converted to fixed questions earlier in the paper creation process

Other tweaks:
  • Resolved issues with maths questions splitting between pages
  • Tweaks to pupil and group account data analysis
  • Download maths paper answers and working out separately
  • Working and answers spaced better on created papers
  • Easier ways to get in touch with the team here
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