Welcome Back!

15 September 2016
Welcome Back!

We hope you’ve had a great, restful summer and are looking forward to getting back into work mode. We also hope that your students were successful in their summer assessments, in all Key Stages. The Create a Test team has made two major changes over the summer and you will see them implemented either in your account today and/ or over the next two weeks. Welcome to:


(1) Mark Schemes - we’ve made one of our biggest ever changes to our core product, the KS3/GCSE question bank. Gone are the ‘Answers’ and ‘Working Out’ sections, replaced by more consistent ‘Mark Schemes’. These are exam board style documents, designed to give you as much information as possible, to ensure that marking is as consistent as possible across your department. They can also be handed out to students so that they can see where their marks were gained, or lost. All KS3/GCSE questions now have completed mark schemes, Primary mark schemes will be completed imminently and A Level mark schemes will be ready as soon as possible, we’re working on them now. We think this is a significant improvement, please have a look and see if you agree!

(2) New Syllabus and question categorisation – all questions within the Create a Test system have been re-categorised into a new syllabus structure.  What does this mean for you?  (i) Easier tracking of pupil progress in our assessment system / against exam board specifications; and (ii) faster question creation

So, welcome back and we’re looking forward to another fantastic academic year. Please get in touch with us to suggest features or provide feedback, as always we expect to see big changes and improvements to the site over the year, please help us by telling us what you’d like to see!

The Create a Test team

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