Create A Test March News

11 March 2012
Further Development in School Account
The school account has developed once again with improved functionality and quicker loading times on older computer systems. Paper creation and editing is now easier than ever allowing you to make an exam paper quicker with Create A Test than with any other method. 

Pricing Change for Parent and Individual Accounts
As you may have noticed already we have changed the pricing structure of these accounts. We hope these changes will simplify the buying process and give you the opportunity to choose the account that best fits your needs.

New features coming in the near future
In the school account we are currently testing a new way for you to lock and secure papers you have created in a way that doesn’t remove the departmental sharing functionality so many of us enjoy to use. You will notice a lock function appearing on papers teachers at your school do not want editing or deleting. Don’t forget with the copy paper function you can still copy this paper and edit it to your heart’s content. We will let you know how the trials go.

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