Government GCSE u turn

18 February 2013
Big changes to GCSEs may no longer be happening  and many teachers are happy. One positive development may be on its way though. Schools themselves may be assessed in a more effective way in the near future.

As maths teachers many of us may have benefited from time to time from the current systems focus on the Maths and English D/C borderline pupils (personally my department has had a very generous budget when other departments are struggling). However, focusing on this narrow range of pupils is not what schools are set up to do. Hopefully the widening of five GCSEs to eight GCSEs and the move to a more value added measure will improve the current system.

It must be remembered that school performance and league tables themselves will always be flawed. School is about more than achieving five GCSEs or 11 A*s. My experience is that teachers don't forget this but politicians easily do.

HoD London
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