January 2013

23 January 2013
New Year is here and we can see many of you are back making papers

School account updates
Notice the new groups & pupils accounts section on your account. Just as before you can create a “group” account and distribute the password to pupils in your class. These papers can then be accessed by the pupils at home for revision or homework purposes.
We have now created individual pupil accounts within this section. All users get 5 accounts for free to test and use. We will be pricing up accounts shortly. This new feature will mean on top of the school account (with group accounts) each pupil can have their own individual account. This will allows...
1 ) pupils to -
•    complete adaptive tests in their own time (it really is their own individual account)
•    mark fixed exam papers set for them by a teacher
2) teachers to -
•    see data about how the class and individual pupils performed on a test and see which questions they struggled with
•    create tests for the class based on their results
•    create tests for each individual pupil based on their performance
School account features on the horizon
New reward scheme for collaboration. We will soon be giving rewards to schools that help us make Create A Test better for everyone. If you suggest a change or question and we implement your suggestion then we will reward your school. We thank everyone for their contributions so far and will reward you accordingly

Individual and parent accounts
We have now added a E and F grades to your initial pupil set-up.

Question of the week
Our Question of the Week tweet feature has now been running for several months. If you are a twitter user follow us @createatest

Bug fixes
We are always looking to tweak Create A Test to give everyone a better experience. Our recent bug fixes include:
•    Question spacing on trigonometry question fixed
•    Increased randomness in difference to 450 question
•    Decreased randomness in BIDMAS questions

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